Travel Mekong Delta With Delicious Fruits

Mekong Delta has a system of rivers and canals. Fertile land is reached by Mekong River. Thanks to the fertile alluvial soil and favorable climate, Mekong region is known as the largest granary of rice and fruits.

mekong-delta-fruits (1)

Tangerine garden Phong Dien (Can Tho)

mekong-delta-fruits (2)

Dragon fruits Tam Binh (Vinh Long)

mekong-delta-fruits (3)

Durian fruit garden

Luxuriant gardens of fruits not only supply available fresh fruits throughout the country, but also a tourist attraction for travelers to visit and enjoy.

mekong-delta-fruits (4)

A unique berry street

Some suggestions for visiting Mekong Delta fruit orchards: Phong Dien orchards (Can Tho), Cai Be (Tien Giang), Tan Quy (Tra Vinh), Tam Binh (Vinh Long), Cho Lach (Ben Tre), etc. with the famous brands of fruits like Vinh Kim star apples, tangerine Cai Be, Vinh Long grapefruit, Cai Mon durian, Hoa Loc mangoes, Hau Giang oranges, etc.

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