Walking Street In Hue

Hue has been widely known as a quiet and relaxing city, where one can come to enjoy a pleasant slow-paced life. However, tourists who stay in this city for a long time may get bored because of limited entertainment and nightlife activities. From now on, thanks to the latest project of Hue walking street, tourists have more reason to enjoy the ancient capital.

The walking Street in Hue is located along the southern bank of Perfume River on Nguyen Dinh Chieu (Hue city) and was inaugurated and put into operation to serve tourists and residents on February 15, 2015.

The walking street has length of 400 meters right on the Hue night street, on the part between Phu Xuan bridge and Truong Tien bridge. However, it was differently planned compared to the Hue night street. Hue walking street has 11 houses that are divided into lots for rent to business units and business owners.

Vendor stalls as models of Hue Night Street had been canceled. The items are sold in Hue walking street are mainly traditional handicrafts, culinary and Hue specialties such as lanterns, sesame, shrimp sour, etc.

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The Hue walking street lasts to 10 pm every day.

The Hue walking street is located along the south bank of Perfume River with traditional houses.

There are crowded people and travelers who come to visit, explore and shop. Many items are discounted, promotions for the occasion. According to Le Van Quoc, member of the project management, a total of more than 14 billion was invested to the Hue walking street.

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Guests visit booths at Hue walking street

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Taking photo at the Hue walking street

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A tourist visits a craft booth.

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