Well- Known Vietnamese Restaurants In Los Angeles

As votes of Americans, Thrillist listed most impressive Vietnamese restaurants in Los Angeles where a lot of Vietnamese people gather. Now, we visit well- known Vietnamese restaurants in Los Angeles.

A lot of overseas Vietnamese live in Los Angeles. Here gradually form unique cultural characteristics of the Vietnamese that are welcomed by Indigenous people, in which typically is cuisine with delicious dishes.

Blossom Restaurant

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The restaurant is situated in Silvelake which is highly appreciated with the diversity. Besides kinds of beef rice and chicken, here serves vegetarian dishes. Westerners find very interesting in these food. A lot of people just want to enjoy because of curiosity. Moreover, traditional Vietnamese dishes such as beef balls, pork rolls, beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, etc. are introduced here. Eye-catching preparation and harmonic combination of foreign and Vietnamese spices are what dinners recognize at Blossom.

Phorage Phở Restaurant

Phở (Vietnamese noodle soup) is a favorite dish and a symbol of Vietnamese culinary. Therefore, there are thousands of restaurant opened in the world to introduce Phở. Actually in Los Angeles, there are many Phở restaurants but Phorage at highway 105 is highly appreciated because spices here are tasty and fine. To satisfy diners, Phorage added a wide range of meat, instead of only meat and chicken as in Vietnam.

Xoia Vietnamese Eats

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The restaurant also serves a variety of food: noodles, noodle soup, rolled dishes, taco cake of Mexico. The difference of Xoia Vietnamese Eats is the familiarity of Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi). With a variety of fillings and optional sauces, banh mi has become strength of Xoia Vietnamese Eats. Moreover, Xoia Vietnamese Eats also serves banh xeo (Southern Vietnamese sizzling cake).

Viet Noodle Bar

Thin meat slices and tasty spices are what diners recognize at Viet Noodle Bar. Noodles are made right in the restaurant instead of importing from other places. This is one of special things of Viet Noodle Bar.

9021 Pho

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Diners will be served with a variety of food at reasonable price (about USD 10/course). The shop serves typical Vietnamese dishes such as noodle soups, fried rice, Vietnamese sandwich, etc. 9021 Pho brings diners a variety of choices. The manner of serving here is also very impressive.

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