What Should Be Prepared to Conquer Son Doong Cave part 1

To conquer the beauty of Son Doong cave (Bo Trach district, Quang Binh) – the most beautiful and largest cave in the world, travelers need survival skills in the tropical rain forest, trained for climbing and using specialized tools.

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The Son Doong tour is priced $ 3,000 per passenger for seven days six nights. Mr. Howart Limbert together with his wife and several members of the British Caving Association work as advisors as well as instructions or take visitors into the cave with multiple skills of climbing, going through jungle and survival skills when dealing natural disasters and sudden floods.

Five days four nights in the cave

If you want to go inside Son Doong cave, you have to spend almost one day to go through Ke Bang forest. Starting from the headquarter of the company Oxalis, the only tour company in Phong Nha village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach. Travellers will be taken to milestone 39 of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and then walk down the Doong valley, next go to Van Kieu village which has eight households with 21 inhabitants. Travellers will served lunch and relax on hammocks and then continue along Rao Thuong stream to En cave (Swallow cave).

Here, porters will set up tents, prepare dinner meal and stay overnight. Stories of this fascinating mountain region will be told to have a good sleep. In next day, after breakfast, continue to get access to Son Doong entrance.

Conquer Son Doong Cave  (1)

Block emulsion fossil named Dog’s Hand. Photo: RYAL DEBOOD

People have five days four nights staying in the cave to discover the most amazing things that cannot be found elsewhere on the Earth. Mr. Howart Limbert commented: “There is a virgin forest in the cave. Maybe you will not believe it’s true until you actually see it in the Son Doong cave. Fog covered this area and this place has a particular climate condition, isolated from the outside. You can see fossil corridors here as a proof of life existence of millions of years ago. ”

A handbook used only for Son Doong cave

Mr. Howart Limbert said: “The expedition has a high difficulty level and you need good physical preparation with jungle experience. You have to overcome 50 km crossing the jungle and many huge stalactite blocks in the cave”. Explorers must be at the age of 18 onward. In terms of drinking water, guides and porters will have water pumps to serve the whole crew.

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