What Should Be Prepared to Conquer Son Doong Cave part 2

To conquer the beauty of Son Doong cave (Bo Trach district, Quang Binh) – the most beautiful and largest cave in the world, travelers need survival skills in the tropical rain forest, trained for climbing and using specialized tools.

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Conquer Son Doong Cave

Camping in Son Doong cave

Meanwhile, the porters carry fresh food and vegetables to cook salubrious meals. Experts also advise that if you deal with snake on the, do not provoke or attack them, let quietly pass them. About luggage, porters will carry all necessary equipment for travelers to conquer this peak. You just carry a small backpack containing personal camera, water bottle, and sunscreen.

But to be present in this journey, travellers must answer honestly for medical questions. Experts shall give eight questions on hearing, your current medicine using for what disease, you have cardiovascular disease or not? You have asthma, epilepsy, depression, psychiatric disorders, diabetes or not? The last question is what sport you often play? All to make sure that traveller will be prepared for the most exciting trip of their life.

Conquer Son Doong Cave  (3)

A fossil skeleton in Son Doong cave

Mr. Howart Limbert made physical recommendation: “You should practice walking with 10 km, crossing at least 200-300 m high hill. Confidently walking on uneven ground and climbing over large rocks.” This is repeated four times before the tour, many are advised to exercise before 3-6 months. For those living in the city, has a fitness test to make sure they can go, climbing stair of three floors without break, no shortness of breath, performed 15 times each day. Also experts will spend two days to guide specialized tools.

Sanitation to protect Son Doong cave

This is extremely strict thing to protect the environment inside Son Doong cave. An expert of Oxalis said: “We will prepare for you at each camping area a septic tank. It is placed a steel frame and a plastic container is surrounded by a thick tarpaulin. After going to the toilet, you will use available rice husk to put into the plastic container. You should not put anything on the plastic container except rice husk and toilet paper. We will prepare hand wash gel for you”. After each tour, porters will take all these plastic containers out and burry it far away from Son Doong cave.

For sustainable protection, tourists and tour guides are required to go along a little trail, do not go in different paths to protect the cave. All members must adhere to strict rules when entering the cave so as not to break stone edges or stalactites. It is reason why Mr. Howart Limbert stays here to work as advisor and guidance for this special tour.

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