What Should Do If Lost Luggage, Passport When Traveling Vietnam?

Lost luggage, especially passport while traveling Vietnam? Lost luggage, especially passport while traveling Vietnam, is one of the worst things for tourists. In this situation, how you have to deal with to get the fastest support?

Lost luggage, important papers while travelling abroad

Property lost in a foreign country is the worst situation that any visitor can encounter. In this case, the first thing you have to stay calm, trying to remember the most suspicious points.

If traveling alone, you should come back your hotel right away, then get receptionist to call the nearest police station and confirm lost passport. If traveling in groups, please notify your tour guide.

What Should Do If Lost Luggage, Passport When Traveling Vietnam

The report at the police station is not always effective case. However, we should not miss any hope. Then you contact the embassy/ consulate offices to carry out procedures for applying for a new passport.

In case, you lost luggage, including credit cards, make an immediate call to inform the bank where you open your account, lock card, blockaded the right to use the card with the thief.

You should look to the room, “searching for lost items” in the home country, leaving personal information and stolen item details. If lucky, someone might get back to you.

Keep your receipts and papers related to the stolen items. Later when returning to the country, you can apply for reimbursement from the insurance company.

Procedures for applying for passports in Vietnam

Fill full information in report of lost passport and send mail to the Consular Department and diplomatic representative agencies in Vietnam where you are staying together with 4×6 photos in white background. Also submit written confirmation of lost passport of police station.

When the passport is notified for cancellation, it will not be recovered in value. If you find your old lost passport, you do not use it anymore and need to apply for a new one.

If you travel in tour group, people in your group can submit their personal passport, identify you are a member of the group, you shall be granted a passport in 24 hours to come back your country.

If not on the mentioned subjects, your representative agencies in Vietnam must conduct verification. No more than 5 working days, you are considered to get passport or travel documents for their return.


Before bad situations happen, you should equip yourself some basic preventions. When abroad, you should buy a special bag carrying the passport, address and telephone number of embassies in the host country. Do not leave your passport at the hotel or backpack, luggage, as they may be stolen.

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Always prepare 4×6 white background photos, a copy of passport, identification, declaration form in case of lost passport. These documents are not absolutely kept with passort. In case unfortunately lost the original passport and available papers will help you quickly complete procedures.

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