“White Paradise” In February Moc Chau

In the past time, people just knew Moc Chau as an untouched place, but there has long appeared plum flower in blossoms with white color in every spring. So far, Moc Chau still remains unchanged.

At the end of winter and early spring, tourists from around visit Moc Chau to be immersed in the nature and enjoy the immense forest of flowers with full of colors and white color of plum forests.

Comfortable feeling and peace of mind are common senses of those who had been standing in front of Moc Chau flowers.

This season plum flowers are blooming all over hillsides. Moreover, other flowers also bloom such as the pink color of peach blossoms. After winter days, it shall be in warm weather, when the sun shines, it is time for plum flowers in blossom in Moc Chau.

plum-flowers-moc-chau (3)

plum-flowers-moc-chau (2)

plum-flowers-moc-chau (1)

Plum flowers bloom very fast, just blossom in 2 or 3 weeks and then replaced with lovely young plum fruits.

Moc Chau has established many flower farms. Moc Chau is bestowed with favorable conditions for a variety of flowers. Along with plum blossoms and apricots, there are orchid farms in blooming for coming spring.

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