Why Visitors Queue Until 2016 To Discover Son Doong Cave?

The scientists called Son Doong cave as “a neglected universe nestled in a unique ecosystem. This is not found in any other place on this planet “.

After the American ABC News television company introduced Son Doong cave on Good Morning America program, many travel experts predict that the number of visitors will quickly increase. But, before that tourists have also fully booked until 2016. What makes a tour with up to $ 3,000 / person so attractive?

On April 2009, it is the first time Son Doong cave was announced by Howard Limbert (Expedition Leader of British Caving Association) in Quang Binh province. On that day Mr. Howard Limbert has confirmed that, no doubt, Son Doong is the largest cave in the world, with a width of up to 250m, more than 150 meters high, etc.

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Son Doong Cave (1)

Mr. Ho Khanh, a local guide and Howard Limbert introduced to Japan’s NHK filmmakers about cave system in Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

Why Son Doong fascinate visitors?

It has also been discovered that Son Doong cave has a wood area 400m from the ground, “second to none” on the planet. If you want to go inside Son Doong cave, you have to spend almost one day to go through Ke Bang forest. Starting from the headquarter of the company Oxalis, the only tour company in Phong Nha village, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach. Travellers will be taken to milestone 39 of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and then walk down the Doong valley, next go to Van Kieu village which has eight households with 21 inhabitants. Travellers will served lunch and relax on hammocks and then continue along Rao Thuong stream to En cave (Swallow cave).

Son Doong Cave (2)

Son Doong Cave (3)

Son Doong Cave (4)

Some photos of Son Doong Cave

In addition, Son Doong cave has strange attraction to the BBC, NatGeo and many other major media, etc. when it often appears and recent – on 13 May, with the direct show on Good Morning America’s categories of ABC News, once again Son Doong cave becomes more popular.

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Son Doong Cave (5)

Overnight on the way to discover Son Doong

Many famous people fall in love with Son Doong cave

According to information from the company Oxalis, among 243 guests who came to the Son Doong cave, with many celebrities like supermodel of Czech Republic, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, American politicians, etc.

Son Doong Cave (7)

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, special guest to Son Doong cave

During that trip, the Arab prince was very surprised when he went to the wood inside the cave. He watched in amazement, listening to birdsong and especially enjoyed the mist through the forest. He stopped here very long to see the sun swept over the forest in mid-afternoon.

The prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Sultan bin Al Nahyan said: “During the journey to discover Son Doong cave, many times I felt like I had reached the end of the natural limits”.

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