Wonderful Experience In The Land of Lobster Binh Ba

About 60 km from Nha Trang city, Binh Ba Island is attractive because of its pristine and tranquil beauty. Below are should-try wonderful experiences in the land of lobster Binh Ba.

  1. Swim In A Crystal Blue Water

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Binh Ba conquers tourists with its pristine and natural beauty.

Binh Ba has many beautiful beaches with white sand, crystal water, and blue sky. The landscapes here make you seem to be lost in a paradise and leave all noise of urban areas behind. You will not see the crowded people in summer and feel free to enjoy the cool blue water and sightsee the vast sky and sea.

  1. Enjoy Lobster As Much As You Can

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At Binh Ba Island, tourists have a chance to enjoy a lot of fresh and tasty seafood.

The specialty of Binh Ba- a must- try food is lobsters. With hundreds of lobster farms around the island, the price of lobsters in Binh Ba is considered as the original price. Almost households here live on raising lobsters. The lobster in Binh Ba is described with fresh and firm meat. Tourists coming here are addicted with this dish.

  1. Behold Sunrise and Sunset

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Binh Ba is one of the best places to contemplate the sunrise; however, you must wake up early. At Chuong beach, the sun rises at 4:30 am. The beauty of the sunrise at that time looks like a dreamy young girl after a deep sleep and now has a wealthy and attractive beauty. To admire the sunset, should come to Nom beach. Backpackers usually set camps and stay overnight here. In addition, you can see sunset at Nha Cu beach (Old House beach), and other nice beaches such as: Bo De, Sa Quynh, etc.

  1. Travel By Motorbike

With VND 100,000/ day rental fee, you can hire a motorbike to get the top of the island. There, you can visit cannon and mountain tunnel that was left from French colonial. Even if allowed by border guard, you might get the lighthouse to behold the great scene of sea here.

  1. Enjoy A Lunch On Sea

This is another interesting experience that it is hard to find in other places. Wearing lifebuoy and let your body float on the water and enjoy fresh seafood that you have caught.

  1. Exchange Good In The Market

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At markets on Binh Ba island, tourists can easily select fresh seafood at reasonable price. One interesting thing is that tourists can exchange good in old way. Here, you can bring instant noodle, candy to exchange fresh seafood without cash.

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